​Daisie Jacobs (video) & Michael Sangster (audio).
​GATEKEEPER is a fashion campaign film by artist, stylist and photographer Daisie Jacobs with audio by Michael Sangster (working in this instance under the pseudonym HAAR) created in response to the themes and visuals. The film explores ideas of censorship, freedom of expression and the effect of consumer habits on the post-industrial landscape. 
"particulate matter (PM2.5)" (2020)
​Daisie Jacobs (video)
"particulate matter (PM2.5)" is an environmentally focused fashion film created by Daisie Jacobs. It is a response to worsening issues of air pollution and the consequent health impacts of increasing long-term exposure to emissions of harmful particulate matter. 
"Fika North Exhibition Launch Event" (2019)
​Daisie Jacobs (video)