Daisie Jacobs (b.1995) is an artist, creative director, filmmaker and photographer currently living and working in Leeds. Informed by fine art, performance and fashion, Jacobs’ work seeks to explore the underbelly of the world around her. Through the mediums of moving image and photography she works with themes of the physical human form; the obscured; the unconventional; the less frequented underside of life. Her personal interests in sustainability and the effects of environmental degradation are also important aspects of her practice, inflecting her work with a sense of urgency and anxiety reflective of the state of the world as she sees it.
She was the recipient of the Graduate Fashion Foundation’s Creative Direction Award 2020 and recently curated and published a book; “THE BLOOD OF A FLY ON MY TEMPLE” in which sixteen local artists (including Jacobs herself) exhibit work created in response to the significant rise in suicide rates during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

September 2020_ Winner of the Official Graduate Fashion Foundation Styling and Creative Direction Award

June 2020_  Guest editor in print & online in The Guardian Weekend Magazine graduate art and fashion issue
February 2020_ The Photocopy Club series POSTERS Issue One: FACES 
July 2018_ Street photography for online article, Vice UK